Frequently Asked Questions :
Question #1: Does PicsPick ship internationally?
Answer: Yes. We ship to over 200 different countries.


Question #2 How long until I receive my order?
Answer: Your order will go into production as soon as it’s placed. The delivery time will depend on two criteria: the manufacturing time and the shipping time.


Question #3: Does PicsPick offer wholesale prices?
Answer: Yes. For orders of 3 photos or more, you should contact us first, to get a wholesale price quote.


Question #4: Why is the print that I am looking to purchase not offered in the size that I want?
Answer: When we offer an image for sale, we maintain the aspect ratio of that image and offer it for sale at sizes that do not require any cropping or stretching. If we offer a square image, for example, there is no way to offer it for sale as an 8 x 10 print without stretching or cropping – we would offer it for sale as 8 x 8, 10 x 10 , 12 x 12, etc.


Question #5: Can I return a purchase to PicsPick?
Answer: No. You can not return purchases to PicsPick. If you experienced a problem with your order, such as wrong photo received, damaged print, etc, please contact us immediately and we will help you solve the problem.

Additional information regarding purchases:

  • The watermarks placed on the pictures will NOT be on the actual print. It is just to protect our copyrights.
  • The pictures displayed on our website, are stored in a lower quality than the originals, to save storage space. Be sure that the original (And high quality) files will be used for the prints.
  • All payment and shipping processes are handled by www.Fotomoto.com. Therefore, be sure that your personal privacy, and payment methods are secured properly.
  • You can choose a variety of prints and cards once decided to purchase a picture. There are many sizes and prices available, and different layouts as: Prints, Posters, Fine Art, Cards, Canvas prints, and even more!
  • For any questions regarding the checkout process, feel free to contact us, or support at Fotomoto.com.


In case of any other question or inquiry, please use the Contact Us form in our website.